L’Express – 1st November 2014


A purifying bath with a very old tradition. This treatment that combines relaxation and well-being is offered by rituals spa Ebene.

Turkish baths are a condensation of benefits. Steam baths have toning and relaxing properties. Thanks to the hammam, which increases the rate of vapor in the room, which becomes greater than the quantity of water present in the epidermis, a layer of moisture is formed on the skin which transmits heat to the body.
The combined action of steam and controlled heat helps blood circulation. The toxins are released. The pores thus expanded facilitate the penetration of the steam and make it possible to get rid of the impurities. The complexion is brighter and gains elasticity and suppleness. To reduce the stress and tension accumulated, the steam bath is among the best therapies recommended. It’s also a way to combine business with pleasure. A session is as good for the body as it is for the mind. The Turkish bath is an oriental tradition for relaxation and relaxation.

“We introduced the Turkish bath to our spa at Fond du Sac. We saw the craze for this treatment. As we moved into new Ebene premises, with a larger space, we were able to build a hammam for the Turkish bath”, Novin Chummum, the rituals spa manager. This treatment comes in several stages. Guests can opt for the Turkish bath with a choice of wrap. It can also be accompanied by a facial scrub. The basic care at Rs 1200 lasts 30 minutes. After 10 minutes in the hammam, the therapist will take care of giving new life to your skin. Using the kassa glove, a rough washcloth, the therapist will remove the dead skin from the body. Thanks to steam, this treatment is performed in optimal conditions. The skin is deeply purified and regains radiance and softness thanks to the benefits of eucalyptus products. The rest of the treatment is continued with soap bubbles to remove the remaining impurities. After half an hour of care in the hammam, the skin will have undergone a real makeover.

“The Turkish bath is recommended before a massage or a facial. Because the pores will be outlets and the products used later will penetrate the skin better.”

rituals spa also offers treatments specifically designed for expectant mothers. Massages are provided to relieve leg pain. Other treatments improve circulation, reduce swelling, especially in the legs and ankles. This care prevents the appearance of stretch marks and strengthens the balance and the natural state of the body during and after childbirth.

Want a break or a moment of well-being? Make a stopover at rituals spa to find you.