discover us

discover us

After having operated spas in prestigious Mauritian hotels for 20 years and developed my own know how through extensive research, travelling to Asia, Africa and Europe, I have come across traditional methods of beauty care, always in search of the authentic experience.

I decided to make my dream come true in 2008.

rituals a [comfort zone] space located in Fond du Sac opened. This sanctuary provides an oasis of serenity over 525m2 and has been designed to ensure that guests enjoy the ultimate in relaxation and rejuvenation of the mind, body and soul.

This oasis includes a special spa suite where you can enjoy a private relaxation space and an outdoor bath ideal for couples, 7 private treatment rooms including one with shower and a bath, allowing you to experience traditional rituals. The spa also offers other pleasures: an affusion shower dedicated to scrubs and wraps, indoor and outdoor relaxation areas, a hammam with eucalyptus scents, private locker rooms with showers, a Fitvibe studio with ultrasound and LPG Cellu M6 for slimming and muscle toning programs and a private indoor garden where you can enjoy a homemade iced tea or infusion of lemongrass and ginger. A [comfort zone] shopping space and a davines hair space complete the offer.

[comfort zone] is an Italian brand, which invites us to embrace a soulful, joyful, healthy lifestyle so that we can reveal and appreciate our own beauty and the beauty that surrounds us.

“We consider the skin as the mirror of our mental well-being, our physical state and the daily choices we make”.

rituals spa opened a second spa in 2011 in the trendy and busy Ebene Cybercity located at Ebene Junction. 210m2 entirely dedicated to beauty, slimming and relaxation. The spa includes a double suite with a private hammam, 6 single treatment rooms, a relaxation area, and a [comfort zone] and davines retail space.

In search of results and mindfulness, I have selected the best rituals to offer a unique sensory experience… Prepared fresh each day, our ingredients draw on the natural benefits of native plants and herbs from our garden. These gifts, from mother earth, are enhanced by the nurturing touch of experienced therapists. We offer customized solutions with [comfort zone] advanced science to experience emotional wellbeing and extraordinary results.

rituals spa embraces a holistic approach to physical and spiritual vitality. Our Spa is inspired by a traditional healing philosophy and the [comfort zone] lifestyle which we believe makes each moment in life precious, treasuring every moment of every day. The treatments are based upon the principles of restoring balance and harmony to the body and mind.

Indulge yourself in this oasis. We blend the best of essential ingredients and treatments with the latest technologies, while never neglecting the power of human touch. A harmonious blend of luxury, tranquility and seclusion, begins with a discreet and gracious welcome. In the heart, soul, and body, traces of ancient cultures, gestures and essences of nature are the roots of life. Take the time to discover hidden delights and timeless treasures…

“Treasure every moment, every day.”






We ask that all spa guests arrive 15 minutes in advance of their scheduled treatment time. Arriving late can decrease the time of your treatment, potentially reducing its effectiveness and your pleasure. Your treatment will end at its scheduled time so the next guest is not delayed.


All our prices are inclusive of 15% VAT.


We accept the following methods of payment : cash, debit, credit card and transfer.


By courtesy towards other clients and our therapists, should you wish to cancel or reschedule, we require a 3hr notice, otherwise you will be charged a cancellation fee of 50% of the service reserved.


We will do our best to offer the most relaxing and calming spa experience as from your arrival. We ask guests to maintain a quiet level of conversation as a courtesy to other guests in our different spaces. We are a mobile-free zone – on entering please switch off.


Feel the enjoyment.


Should our services have exceeded your expectations, a tip box is available, at your discretion. Tips are shared with all members of the team [ spa attendant and non attendent ] without whom your experience would not have been the same.


Gift vouchers, valid for six months, are on sale at the reception to offer a unique spa experience to the person of your choice. The original should be presented to the spa reception upon arrival for your appointment.


For your comfort a shower is recommended before each treatment. We will provide you with a robe and slippers. Disposable underwear is available for treatments to protect your modesty. Lockers are available for your personal belongings. For your peace of mind, we advise you to leave your jewelry in your locker.


The spa is not responsible for any lost or stolen articles in the spa.


All our treatments are based on relaxation and well-being. Take a deep breath, exhale and leave all your worries outside the door, this way, you will truly feel all the healing benefits from your treatment. We recommend that you drink plenty of water following a treatment to help flush out all toxins that were released into your system. Following some of the treatments you may have a healing reaction, you may feel tired or even a little emotional. This is perfectly normal and you are welcome to use our relaxation areas until you are ready to face the world.


Regular customers beneficiate from our fidelity program, valid for one year. Your card will be stamped for each treatment | gift certificate paid [ excluding promotion, package and free treatment ].


The spa is open Monday to Saturday from 9AM to 7PM including public holidays.