rituals spa a [comfort zone] space is a modern sanctuary in peaceful harmony with the outside world which provides serenity and encourages personal exploration, before releasing you to greet the world anew.

An oasis of serenity over 525m2 has been designed to ensure that guests enjoy the ultimate in relaxation and rejuvenation of the mind, body, and soul. This oasis includes, a spacious spa suite for couples where you can enjoy a private relaxation area and an outdoor bath, 5 private treatment rooms, one with shower and a bath to experience traditional rituals. Other pleasures of the spa include a vichy shower room dedicated to scrubs and wraps, indoor and outdoor relaxation areas, a hammam with fresh spicy herb scents, private dressing rooms with lockers and showers, a Fitvibe and Cellu M6 LPG studio for slimming programmes and muscle toning, one private indoor garden where you can enjoy a fresh fruit drink and healthy homemade salads, a shopping space and a hair space.

rituals spa uses [comfort zone] face and body products. [comfort zone] is the skin care division of davines s.p.a. a leading Italian company in the fields of research, development and commercial marketing of hair and skin care professional and retail products. The fundamental concept that has characterized and distinguished [comfort zone] is the choice to unite rigorous scientific research with a sensorial and holistic approach to beauty. The beauty and well being rituals, enhanced by specific products, are both effective and pleasurable, encouraging psycho-physical equilibrium and harmony.

Anne Ferrat has operated spas in prestigious Mauritian hotels for 20 years and developed her own know how through extensive research, travelling to Asia, Africa and Europe, and has come across traditional methods of beauty care, always in search of the authentic.

Choosing what is best in the world of rituals, to offer a wide variety of “treatments” which express the essence of the time-honored Asian approach to healing. The menu proposed is in itself a reflection of all her rich experiences.

Indulge yourself in this oasis. They blend the best of essential ingredients and treatments with the latest technologies, while never neglecting the awesome power of the human touch. A harmonious blend of luxury, tranquility and seclusion, echoed by a discreet and gracious welcome. In the heart, soul, and body, traces of ancient cultures, gestures and essences of nature are the roots of life. Take the time to discover hidden delights and timeless treasures…

rituals spa embraces a holistic approach to physical and spiritual vitality. Inspired by traditional healing philosophies and the [comfort zone] lifestyle which believe in making each moment of one’s life precious, treasuring every moment, every day. The treatments are based upon the principles of restoring balance and harmony to the body and mind.

Prepared fresh each day, the ingredients draw on the natural benefits of native plants and herbs from the garden. These gifts from mother earth are enhanced by the nurturing touch of experienced therapists. They propose customized solutions with [comfort zone] advanced science to experience pleasant emotions and witness extraordinary results.

As you journey through the inner sanctums, your feeling of well being will linger long after your farewell… This blending of culture and product is what makes rituals spa such a unique retreat.

 Treasure every moment. Every day