Islander Juil -Sept 2014


A spa erected in an ancient orchard can only bear beautiful fruits. rituals spa a [comfort zone] space in Fond du Sac is a haven for relaxation and rural Zen living by excellence. Far away from urban frenetic life, fans of a change in scenery will find perfect wellness in this place.

Could it be greenery stretching out for miles and the peaceful atmosphere of neighbouring village? Or the warm welcoming smiles, accompanied by a beautiful Namasté? Or could it be the Zen music and fluffy towels? It is probably a blend of all these elements, from a set up that calms and relaxes as one crosses the entrance of the Rituals Spa Comfort Zone Space.

Found just a detour away from the village of Fond du Sac in the north of the island, the spa is styled in a chic, rustic-rural decor, all in wood and stone irradiating warmth and comfort. The seven treatment rooms, arranged with the most meticulous detail, have a soul, echoing their evocative names: “Essential Experience, Love and Passion, Revive your Body…”

At Rituals Spa, the comely massage therapists have magic hands. They are the fairies of the back, very real and so human, happy to provide a true five-star quality service with a typical and very local touch. Savitree, who works at the Rituals Spa since its launch in 2008, explains that positive energy is at the core of everything. It must come through the voice, the smile, and especially in the hands. Personal worries are put aside: the only concern is to transmit the good vibes, so that nasty stress can be expelled far away, very far away…

The visitor will want to sample everything Spa treatments compromise, amongst others, a detox rituals (with a mixture of cloves, cinnamon and rosemary), a rice scrub (where the rice is rinsed for a long time, then dried in the sun and finely crushed) or are fruit-based (with ingredient such as gourmet papaya).The spa also offers fresh coconut treatments (which have nourishing and hydrating properties for dry skin) as well as aromatherapy (ylang-ylang and geranium). All these ingredients are fresh and most come from the orchard or kitchen garden.
One can only be tempted by the scrubs made from the spices and garden herbs. And start day-dreaming of a pleasurable ‘’Ritual Experience’’, a long and thorough two hours massage, which is furthermore the very signature of this place…
The primary positive element of the spa is Anne Ferrat, who along with her husband Jean-Patrick Ferrat, contributed in creating this haven of sweetness and serenity. The couple have also recently launched a new spa, at La Balise Marina, in Black River, whilst maintaining their criteria of extreme refinement that made them so successful.