Business Magazine – July 2014


The two spa rituals of the island, at Fond du Sac and Ebene, offer in addition to simple hammam sessions, a typical oriental treatment: the traditional Turkish bath. This is a scrub that is done in the hammam by therapists dressed in fouta [garment worn around the kidneys] using the glove kassa. The skin is exfoliated to the maximum.

This 30-minute treatment ends with a bubble bath and organic eucalyptus soap mousse, which is accompanied by a massage by the therapist. Rituals spa has also added to its menu wraps made in the hammam. The pores of the skin are already open under the effect of water vapor, the assets of the body wrap are all the more effective. The clientele is entitled to a detox wrap with marine mud, anti-aging champagne, antioxidant chocolate, and nourishing sesame.