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The perfect antidotes to modern fatigue and urban lifestyle.  Counteracting the effects of stress and pollution, our customizable treatments are ideal for a time-pressed, unisex clientele with dull, aging and stressed skin. Enhanced by the synergy of Qigong and Rolling Roulage massages, the exclusive Macro Waves Sound™ and the brand’s natural aroma, our treatments revitalize the skin and recharge the mind.


This facial with Longevity ComplexTM and AHAs professional peel is ideal for renewing the skin and counteracting the effects of stress and pollution. For a unisex clientele with stressed, dull and aging skin. Customizable to correct specific stress-related imperfections and signs of aging, it rejuvenates the skin and leaves you feeling recharged and ready to face your busy days.
Destressing techniques inspired by Qigong encouraging detoxification and energetic realignment. Macro waves soundTM and the Brand’s Natural Aroma recharge the skin and the mind. The intense Rolling Roulage massage stimulates collagen production and helps to release muscle tension for a visibly healthy, glowing and youthful skin.
Intense and visible lifting
Considering the use of AHAs, this facial is not recommended to people with Melasma and sensitive skin.

Clinically proven to detoxify the skin from pollution and formulated to specifically contrast impurities and imperfections.
The efficacy of the peel-off Detox Mask enriched with Chlorella and plant-based Charcoal together with targeted customizable boosters will reveal a glowing, clearer and brighter complexion. The synergy of Qigong techniques, Rolling Roulage massage, Macro Waves SoundTM and brand’s Natural Aroma, recharges the skin and the mind.
Recommended for dull-looking, stressed and impure skin. Also, ideal to keep sebum production under control and reestablish the optimal level of hydration.

Dedicated to time-pressed urbanites with dull, stressed skin. An intensive solution for an immediate glow, anti-fatigue and pluming, thanks to the combination of vitamin C and the Rolling Roulage massage. The synergy of Qigong techniques, Macro Waves SoundTM and the brand’s Natural Aroma, recharges the skin and the mind.
Immediate hydration, anti-fatigue and glow. Overall re energizing!

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